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Just my wary and suspicion on this website Gripsell. I have contacted them, and find something fishy, though i cannot prove it, i went online to check if others have come across this web developer. Most of the time, they mask themselves under different website names, and change them when their names are staled, and change to a new name. This website is fairly new.

Check out others complaints on them, below link

I suggest people do their thorough check online for any other complaints, and do your part in posting complaints online in other awareness website, to warn the world. These are international scammers. Earning easy money off our hard earned money.

Review about: Clopone Daily Deals.



Also beware of Oorjit or ISPG deal ecommerce platform!They are company from India.

I used to be their customer. Their price are expensive but the deal they created were glitchy and buggy, customer service are the worse. When you email them to fix something, they will respond few days later, even a week. Glitch always reoccur again and again after they fix it.

The site they created were slow to load, sometimes it takes 20-25second to load.

I have complained to them many times, and their response is just "the problem is not from our side." in fact the problem is from the MySQL code that they created, it's inefficient.

I have been working with the project for 2 years and still have the slow to load problem, until I had enough with them and stop the project instead.

when I told them to fix the slow loading, their response was "when you come back to deal business we will think of it."

VERY NOT RECOMMENDED, trust me.I've spent more than $10,000 for their custom deal and their work are like sh**, it's not as good as the demo that they showed to you.

to Oorjit Fremont, California, United States #781396

Yeaa I had bad experience with them too!I agree with Oorjit's bad customer service and slow response!

Their fast response is only when they ask you for a money transfer or they won't finish you site!Once you have paid them in full, good Luck with their lazy-*** programmer and manager!

to Brandon Vaun Burbank, California, United States #781397

Lol, yea I guess we should never trust an unknown company from India.. I almost tried them, lucky I found your review.. Thanks for the review of Oorjit!

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #714597

I just want to share my experience with your guy about gripsell software.Don't buy any script from gripsell.You will be regret your money and time.Especially is your time.I doubt they also might be copy from some where and resell to us cos since I bought last two month ago and until now I cannot publish my site due to script bug.Believe me their script full of the bug.You will really regret about it if you not believe will lose your money and time. I bought a quite no of customization in order to fix bug but finally it was vain also.If you visit their demo site,it look like work and they will said that there is no hidden charges but actually after bought you will found out alot of inconvenience with their script then you requested them to solve for script error then they will reply you that their function is not working for this.So,you need to buy for customization.So,I myself also no choice and have to buy it to solve my bug due to their no refund policy.So,If you are thinking to buy,pls stop here.Before decision,you must more read review from google but pls think every review that you found from internet whether it review had been posted by really customer or by themselves or their competitor. They do have some support but not really helpful to you it mean that doesn't come with good outcome result. have been waiting for their support to solve all my bug until now but If you got alot of time,then you can think to buy it cos It is abit cheaper than that other for...

Now they dont care to fix my issue even dont want to refund as well. They are from india.Very not helpful and sometime want to blame to customer as my experience.

I dont want you to have same experience with me and made the same mistake as me.

see below how they offer and how many feature are not working.

1)Coupon system such as (coupon,Self withdraw and express delivery)

Highlight: It doesn't work. They will ask you to get customization with charges after you bought their script.

2)Shareandcash feature(Refer-a-Friend Module)

It doesn't work and I feedback since last 6 month ago but until now they cannot resolve.


It doesn't work. They blame that due to my language is not supported by google. But I tested with some other languages which are supported by google translate, but their script still doesn't work. They are just bluffing.

4)Their designs are not reliable.

Even if you make just small changes in css,then you will get problem with IE and chrome.

5)Discussion module

It is not working. If you feedback them, they will say that they will remove it from the system cos it is not working with their script.

6)Affiliate Module

It doesn't work. If you feedback them, they say that it is not working as well and they will remove it from the system.

7)Mobile plugin

I have disabled it as they said that it is under customization thus I need to buy customization for that in order to get that working. Who's gonna buy in such situation?

8)Email Letter

Not working. I Ordered customization but they cannot delivery and also they never reply me.

They are one of indian internet

I suggest you share with your friends for the above information who are interested to buy their script as this is too risky and waste of money & time.

I am one of their existing customer.

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Sydenham, England, United Kingdom #690000

Oorjit is way too costly, portfolio is not real either.Looks like a bunch of liars.

Read a lot of bad reviews about oorjit.Not at all recommended.

Best idea is to hire people at and get your own software.

to Wayne #754881


Just read your review. I am planning to start e commerce business. I am currently having discussions with oorjit consultant. Can you tell me about your experience with oorjit? You can contact me on



to Wayne #755551

HI Wayne,

Can you show me the bad reviews about Oorjit? Currently I'm planning to use Oorjit. They took me through the online demo and it looks really amazing and ofcourse its a robust platform. I talked to them regarding the pricing, they provide the justification of pricing and I'm convinced.

Oorjit's Portfolios is real as I contacted the references they provided and got good reviews from them.

Please advice.



La Blanca, Texas, United States #687737

Anyone having experience with Oorjit; does it support spanish. Looks good as compared to NDOT, Wroupon, and Couponic.

to Iamtired #755553

Oorjit has multilingual feature and it supports any langugae.

to Simi Luther, Oklahoma, United States #781395

Yea they support multilingual language, but you (the customer) need to translate it yourself! Bad service, they will charge you every single changes that you ask them to do. Choose Oorjit or ISPG only if you don't mind for your website to fail!

to Iamtired #781394

Beware of Oorjit, they are company from India. Customer service sucks! Not as good as the demo that they gave you!

La Blanca, Texas, United States #687731

NDOT sucks - beware of it.I just came across a post by NDOT claiming that Groupon uses their script.

That's not true. They cannot support small clients, leave apart bigger one. Stay away from NDOT. NDOT people are not trained nor they help.

I wish I had never purchased from NDOT. This was my last purchase after I moved from uniprogy's couponic and wroupon. None of these software are good for use. Where Uniprogy coupon will deep dent your pockets for every single piece of work or module, NDOT will deep dent your mind.

For everything wrong, NDOT will try to grow mind and come out with 'out of the world' reason.

If you are planning to purchase from these companies, make sure you finalize the total cost in advance.They will eat up all your money and will not refund anything.


Today I contacted Groupon customer care to ask if they use NDOT script. The customer care executive was praising NDOT like anything. They are very happy. They switched from Wroupon to NDOT. They also mentioned that they tried contussupport and ideazglobal too. But they finally switched to Wroupon after ward.

Those who are interested in NDOT can contact us at +91 422-434-2519 or at +1 (323) 982-8943. They are offering very heavy discount these days.

Email them at

Please note that NDOT has recently launched new site for large enterprises like Groupon,


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Groupon, Living Social, and Tippr use Wroupon script and are happy.Do not try grip sell.

They are a bunch of illetrate people who are here to make fun of everyone. Every customer of grip sell has moved to wroupon, we have a proof. If you are not liking them, switch to wroupon. Wroupon is most advance dealscript available in the market.

And pls beware of alstrasoft too.Their customer also moved to us and were very tired of their version.


James..You might want to try

Many customers move from Gripsell to Wroupon and are satisfied.Call us today for special pricing.

Klang, Selangor, Malaysia #683555

For common sense, no public or general users would come out in defense of gripsell unless it is from Gripsell own people(fraudsters). If you are a genuine business, you'd handle a case professionally, and would not receive complaints like scripts do not work, complaints that are all over the internet btw. But you coming onto complaints website such as, shows just what a scam you are.

Klang, Selangor, Malaysia #683551

Oh look its "jamesmj" the identity theft from gripsell, you're back again using my id !!No Gripsell is a scam and i personally have contacted them (gripsell), can tell they arent doing any real business.

Also they have no ISO, no trustable verification. Customer service is appalling, each reply from them is about requst for sales and money charges.

They scams because anyone from the IT industry would know Groupon, Living Social, and Tippr did not get their softwares/ website from this indian company called Gripsell.Gripsell stop posting lies to cover for your fraud.


Wroupon script rocks...Its awesome.

I have tried all other scripts myself.

But wroupon is one and only corporate level solution available in this work.Used by companies like Groupon, Living Social, and Tippr, Wroupon's solution is made of US class enterprises.


Yes, Wroupon looks like a legitimate company. I am happy using their services.


Forgot to mention.Please try wroupon clone script..

It is good. I have tried it myself.

Very nice script.wRoupon is very professional and features are good.

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